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Friday, April 06, 2012

thought I'd share...

So numero uno, I interviewed famed Greenville chef and author John Malik last week and he graciously gave me a signed a copy of his first fiction novel "Doughnuts for Amy" to give away to my Gap Creek Gourmet fans, so head over to the Gap Creek Gourmet Facebook page and comment on the post by Sunday night for a chance to win.  Chef Malik is currently cooking at Stella's Southern Bistro in Simpsonville, South Carolina. I'm eating there in a couple of weeks with friends. SO excited!

Numero Dos: A funny story.
So the husband and I were on vacation with our best friends at Surfside Beach (near Myrtle Beach) about ten years ago.  We were parked at the rental company to check in when Derek said, "Hey!  Did you know you could eat the fruit on that cactus bush?"  Before the words even finished leaving his mouth and before he could even think of stopping me, I was out of the car like a streak of lightening and had a piece of the fruit in my hand.  We all gasped at the same time...them out of horror and me out of pain! When my husband returned to the car, the three of us were standing over my hand picking out prickles from the little dangerous fruit. Everyone laughed at me, and I never got to eat the cactus fruit. What does it taste like?!

 Lesson of this story is... well, I will eat darn near anything and when food is mentioned I sometimes lose all sense.   I'm listening to 50's music on Sirius XM and it reminded me of our trip... and that really funny story.  It also has given me a hankering to watch Dirty Dancing... and go to the beach IMMEDIATELY!

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