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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mags: the system, Tortilla Maria and Nyla Beans

Magazines are the bomb.  I love the beautiful colors in ads, the information, and the feeling of the silky pages in my hand.  I sincerely hope there never comes a day when they are all on readers. These are only a few of the glossy treasures that arrive in my mailbox each month.  Who has time to read all that mess, you ask? I have a file away/read and toss system. I quickly flip through Food Network and the Rachael Ray Mag and then file them on the bookshelf. I go back to them often for quick culinary inspiration, take them on trips for relaxed reading, etc.   I rip out articles, info or recipes from the others that look intriguing, file recipes and make a stack of reading to revisit later.  Makes it handy to read before bed, in the car line or at red lights without fighting with a giant floppy magazine. 

Yesterday I left my house with a list of errands that would exhaust a marathon runner.  I was a block away from Tortilla Maria at lunchtime, so I popped into see why friends have raved about this place.  Fresh, authentic, organic.  That's their deal.  The tiny restaurant seats about eight people, so I got my order to go and chowed down on my three chicken tacos in the car.  I was disappointed that fish tacos weren't on the menu.  Boooo.  The chicken tacos came topped with onions, cilantro and a mild green salsa on freshly made corn tortillas.  The tortillas were awesome!  (They have packs of freshly made tortillas to go.) The tacos were pretty good, but nothing to swoon over. I debated between mild or hot salsa, but went with mild because they didn't have bottled water to put out the fire...even with mild, the taco was pretty dang spicy, so be warned.  I'd go back but not my favorite taco joint.   The frantic employee behind the counter didn't help.  Customer service goes a long way folks.

Speaking of good customer service.  I also swung by Nyla Beans on 1523 N Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville.   One of my former TRAM Fair artists owns the little hippie-esk store.  It totally reminds me of something you'd find in Asheville... very cool and so popular that they recently expanded.  I went in to find a card for a friend.  Lucky for me, they carry my favorite line of cards!  Yea me!  (And you are greeted with a smile and a hello, a hug if you're lucky, as soon as you walk in the door.)

They also have some pretty dang cool rings, earrings, recycled and local art, scarves and gifts for every single person on your list.  Check out this place if you need a gift for a girlfriend!   Oh, and this Saturday, they are having a new location/expansion celebration with local artists, music and give-aways.  They open at 10am. Friend Nyla Beans on Facebook! 

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