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Friday, April 06, 2012

sunny skies, grits and piglets

The sun is out!  Thank you God!  I has rained like crazy here for the past 24 hours (and hailed in some places so much it looked like inches of snow fell).  Stump and Sierra found refuge from the mid-day thunder and lightening in a sleeping bag on the couch beside me while I worked.

So my engineer brother and his horticulture girlfriend are coming over on Saturday to help me build this.  I'm going to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, squash, peppers...and herbs.  And maybe some of these.  Then LeAnn and I are going to bake two yummy cakes.  I'm pondering a pineapple cake with whipped cream/cream cheese icing... a little domesticated bliss.

Looks like little Mrs. me and my buddy Griet are going to the Indie Grits Festival Kickoff and 701 CCA Columbia Open Studios Preview Party in Columbia on Thurs, April 19th.  I got a random invite in my inbox and being that I'm looking to expand my freelance roots, off I go. They are having a grits bar by the guy who owns the Bone-In Artisan BBQ truck (my favorite and that alone is worth the trip to the midlands) and a make-your-own Lite Brite Station!  (What the heck?) I can't wait.

For more about the Indie Grits Festival go here.  And for Columbia Open Studios info go here.

I'm obsessed with holding a baby pig.  What is that about?  Anywho.  I found  Sweet Pea Potbelly Pig Farm in Easley. No, I really don't want one in my house (for this reason) and I can't keep one outside because we live in the woods and coyotes would eat them... oh, and the hubs would KILL me if I brought one home.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can visit the farm next week and the lady won't think I'm a crazy person... which could be likely due to my strange "please let me come cuddle your piglets" email. I will have to take a normal person with me. Will keep you posted.

Here's an Easter chick made by Sierra Livengood.  Happy Easter weekend. 

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Leanne said...

Please let me know when you go to the piglet farm! I will meet you!