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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has sprung cool things list:

Every week I can't wait to see How Sweet It Is. Tuesday Things in my inbox. This is why. She keeps me in stitches. She must have posted late because it came in overnight and I start my day with a smile.

Another thing that produced pure joy this morning:

Very few things make me happier than getting a cooking mag in the mail.  Bon Appetit, Food Network Mag, Food and Wine, Rachel Ray?! Bliss. (Yes, I have a print media problem.)  I read through with my first cup of coffee, snapping pics of vino I need to hunt down and dog-earring pages for recipes I must try... like this Warm Chocolate Budino.

It's going to be 80 degrees today.  How is this possible? It's MARCH!  What the heck?  Yesterday my daughter and I took our first stroll around the neighbor's lake to check out the amphibian eggs.

It is almost time for tadpoles to invade my kitchen.  Yes, this is true.  For two months or so out of the year, I have a tadpole habitat in house and we routinely fish out tadpole bodies (so they won't eat each other... did you know they do this? Sometimes they also have two heads or something too... totally weirds me out. ) until a couple of them finally turn into tiny little frogs that my husband and daughter walk back down to the lake and set free.

Look what happened at the barn this week! She is the softest little filly ever, and her mom is so kind to let everyone give her lots of attention.

I'm obsessed with these nuts and ate an entire bowl full while writing an article yesterday.  Oops. 

and a few more things....

I'm an AUNT again!  My sister apologized for not having an actual real baby, but for now, I am okay with a four legged niece. Her name is Zoe and she's a little puff ball.  I'm giving my siblings five more years before I really put the pressure on.

I won't bore you with a pick of an George RR Martin book, but I finished book four of the Game of Thrones books "A Feast for Crows" night before last and actually jolted my husband out of almost sleep as I squealed with joy. Those books take me FOREVER to read and finishing one seems like it would be akin to finishing a marathon (though very unlikely I will actually ever run one of these to find out).

So that's that.  I've been super busy with the freelance writing thing, but promise to get back in the kitchen soon.  I did make this and it was awesome, but was in such a hurry to get dinner finished that I didn't even snap a pick!

Have a great Wednesday! Cheers!

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