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Friday, March 09, 2012

a story of today's blissful lunch to go.

I was out and about in downtown Greenville today researching a story for a local mag, so I stopped off at Two Chefs on South Main for a grub order to go before heading back up the mountain.

I haven't eaten here in years!  I don't know how that is possible, but true.  And I LOVE it!!  There are just too many restaurants and too few of me...  So this is my lunch story:

Salad Trio.  Pick three.  Decisions...decisions...

Yes, please! 

Super tempting...

Yes, this is a wine bottle with a straw hanging out of it.  Don't judge me!  Have you seen my car?

I changed back into my comfy clothes, turned on New Girl and dug into Grilled chicken and pear salad, pesto chicken salad and wild rice salad... and a roll...  lunch break!

An ooey, gooey soft and chewy brownie with chocolate icing on top. I had intentions of only eating half.  Holy crap it was good!  I ate the whole thing.   

Food coma.

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