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Thursday, February 09, 2012

a little help from cupid and bacon chocolate chip cookies.

I think I have found the hands down perfect gift for your special someone for Valentine’s Day.  

Slap a bow on it with a cute note. Guaranteed to score points. 

Not that kind of Valentine?  A few more ideas:

Flowers. Rose pedals floating in a steaming hot bathtub after a long day goes a long way for some of us. But also, Spring has sprung early in SC and the daffodils are blooming like crazy, so even if you’re strapped for cash you can still offer up a little sunshine. Steal flowers out of your neighbor’s yard (only if they have a really big yard and won’t miss them) and put them in a jar. Write a sweet note. Done.

DIY valentine.  Sometimes a little effort is appreciated.  A piece of scrap wood and some Sharpie markers or colored paint = gift cherished forever.  Draw a heart with a cute saying like I’m Yours. Tack a soda can poptop on the back of it for an easy picture hanger.

Romance.  Sometimes it’s hard to come by.  If that’s not your department, get your partner a gift bag with a bottle of bubbly something, some popcorn and a couple of romantic movies. A good Ryan Gosling movie goes a long way to getting a girl in the mood. Amen ladies?

Time’s wasting people.  Next Tuesday is coming fast!

A few other things I’ve been pondering:

I think cookies will be the new cupcake.  I’m working on recipes for orange and black pepper… lemon pecan… bacon, bourbon, walnut and dark chocolate…  I see a baking day coming on.

Got a special someone with an affinity for bacon?  

Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Cookies.
Whip up some scratch chocolate chip cookies using semi-sweet chips (see back of the bag). Fry up six to eight slices of bacon. Right before it's good and crispy,(don't burn it!) sprinkle on some brown sugar. When the sugar is melted, put the bacon on a wire rack or a plate to let cool.  Chop bacon into small bits and mix in the cookie dough. Bake as directed or grab a heart shaped pan make a big cookie.  
I think the 1950’s are coming back… except this time the husbands are out of work and the wives are bringing home the bacon in many cases. I believe someone should design sexy man aprons.

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