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Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Year of Cupcakes

Maple bacon, dark chocolate raspberry, chocolate stout with coconut pecan icing... I stumbled into baking this year. I didn't mean to. I made a cupcake and then another, and then started developing my own cupcake concoctions and then I started selling my cupcakes. It snowballed into a giant dust storm of confection sugar and when the dust cleared... well, I got skills. I have definitely broken in my sparkling new kitchen.

Speaking of... we moved into our new house last February and have enjoyed every second of our expanded living space. I settled into my new office upstairs last week finally after a trip to Ikea for a desk. I sit there looking out onto the mountains across the street pecking out my living (look for my articles in Greenville Journal, Spartanburg Journal, and Greenville Business Magazine).It was an incredibly busy work year, baking, writing, mommydom, wifedom, queen of new house (bigger house = more dirt apparently) but I thrive in the busy.

I did travel some in 2010! In October I jumped on a plane bound for San Diego to visit my Aunt Kay and and nurture my west coast roots. I ate myself silly... fish tacos are the BOMB, shopped for nostalgic Halloween decor (one of my new collections in progress)...drank good wine, watched the sunset on the beach... I am on a mission to master my own corn tortillas this year.

On the resolutions front, I'm trying not to make too many. I gotta get some of these cupcake pounds off! I'm eating as many veggies as I can stand and in the afternoons I sweat it out with Just Dance 2 on the Wii (when no one is looking, of course cause the girl can't dance).

Here's to an amazing year of more travel, more time with friends, and amazing cupcakes!

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