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Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year. New location. New vocation. (and new resolutions)

Wow. It's been almost a year since I've posted on my blog! 365 days goes by in a flash in hindsight. This year, I have become a writer, freelancing for local and regional magazines. It's a good gig. I love writing with crazy hair in my p.j.'s from my couch, coffee in hand.

I've also designed a new home for my family which is almost finished. A new home. A big step in the life of every married couple. People kept telling me that if we could make it through building a house together, we could do anything. Well... looks as if we can do anything. We've discussed space issues, finishes, closures...but never once has a slam down argument. (Thank God!) And it's 30 days and counting until move in date. (Boxes already line my hall. Waiting.)

Resolutions 2009 are lost somewhere in paperdom. I can't find them. But for this year, I plan on Eating (a lot), Praying (more deeply) and Loving (more attentively), as I have before, but with more refined taste.... and minus a little meat. Yes, the woman who cooks messy, immaculate food is going meatless for a while... hopefully a year (but a woman who loves food can only expect so much from herself, so we'll see!)

So far I've cooked meatless chili and spaghetti with tomato sauce and black beans, and spent the better part of my morning with the company of a box of Godiva Truffles going through my collection of EveryDay Food Magazines (Thank you Mrs. Stewart!) and Food Network Mag looking for inspiration.

I am looking forward to a fantastic year of enjoying the largest art instillation an artist can attempt: a new home. Working from my new desk in my new kitchen in the morning light from the giant windows of my new den. Wish me luck! Happy New Year.

1 comment:

Pattie said...

Congrats on the new home!

And, great resolutions I share a few of them :)

And Martha is Awesome :D