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Friday, February 20, 2009

freewrite friday

My daughter turns 7 tomorrow. I hear "it goes by too fast" all the time, and guess what, it does, but I have found that I have enjoyed more of the time since my life has slowed down. I've tucked her into bed at night and rubbed her little hand until she falls asleep. We read books together and I help her get ready every morning. I I get to sniff her little head before she wakes up and I get to brush her hair (even though she hates it) and help her put her little clothes on. It won't always be this way. In ten years, we'll be applying for colleges. In ten more years after that, she'll be out of the house (we hope), and will be caught up in her own life. I'm glad that I am lucky enough to be in her life with her now, instead of rushing each minute along to the next. 7 years has gone by really, really fast, but at least now, I'm focused on soaking up the passing minutes, and that has slowed them down enough for me to watch her grow.

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