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Sunday, August 01, 2004

angels are definitely watching over us

My mother always says "send angels to watch over you"... I say it to my daughter now too when I am putting her to bed at night. Last week, I think one touched down. Sierra and I were in a pretty nasty wreck. My best friend was in the car with her children also. None of us were hurt too bad... blessing #1, but then while I was sitting in the grass waiting for my husband to get there (I was wigging out basically), one of my clients who I know well came up and sat with me until Daniel got there. It was so strange. Looking back I think now... what if she was an angel for that moment. What if God uses us as angels when he can...
Anyway, thank you Mrs. Angel. Thank you for being there to calm me in that one insane moment.
Anyone else had angelic interference?


Anonymous said...

thank you my precious daughter. tears.....oh yes
angels are on 24-7 always and forever.
love to you and my darling kisses

Anonymous said...

yes i know what you mean sister. you were my angel yesterday as you helped me try to understand all of this school stuff. it may not have seemed like much to you in my "one insane moment" you were there to calm me down and reassure me. so thank you and i love you always.

Anonymous said...

We are sorry we were so far out of town when this happened to you and couldn't be right with you but we are thankful others could be the help you needed. Don't forget that you are also an angel to others sometimes and your enthusiastic inspiration helps more people than you may realize. We love you dearly. Mom and Dad