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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

All good vacations have to end.

We just got back from Isle of Palms and a fantastic vacation. Oh, do I have some stories.
The Ibuprophen story: I was griping and complaining cause my back was hurting one morning and I said to my mom, "I need some Ibuprophen" and Sierra says, "My eyes are broken too mommy!" An obvious misunderstanding... but a great laugh!
The naked guy and the loud ass cat story: I kept hearing this loud cat outside. It was a constant meow... not a cute "feed me meow". At about 4am I was completely fed up so I jumped out of bed, unbolted the door and stood on the porch... "Where is that f____ cat!" I say. Then I look up and there is this guy in his underwear on the balcony above me. He is holding a belt and he says "I am going to hit it". I he must have reached the kitty intolerance level at the same time as I did. It was humerous to say the least... Note, we couldn't find the cat, but later in the early am, I heard it close by again and daniel got up and threw water on it. Crazy loud cat!
I'm sure there are more stories, but I am tired. Will post more if I remember them.
We did see rainbows over the water two different nights. The whole vacation was relaxing and the weather was beautiful. The parent-in-laws came along for the first time in the whole 8 years Daniel and I have been together and it was good.
Time for bed.

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