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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Everybody has their own thing.

Well, our divided household spent a date night out debating.  It was actually pretty enlightening.  We decided not to debate anymore cause we're both not budging.  But is debate meant to budge or educate?  We both weren't moving, that's for sure.  Did we expected each other to do that really in the first place? 
When someone asks me who I am voting for, I find myself sidestepping and asking them to tell me why they are voting for their chosen candidate.  I guess I am looking for a good reason why I shouldn't be on my chosen side.  And people will tell me.  I love it when people are so committed to something.  I don't see it their way sometimes... but I do think that it is important to hear them.  Daniel said to me last night that I was "dismissing" his arguements.  I explained that I am not dismissing.  I am hearing and not agreeing.  Big difference.  Do people, when they argue a point, honestly expect you to ignore your whole basis for believing in your issue?  Who knows.  I don't.  But I am beginning to wonder lately, if it isn't the nature of the liberal in me.  An acceptance and idea that everyone has their own thing. 
"Everyone has their own thing."  My montra lately.  It's warded off tons of arguements.  And actually helped me to accept so many things in this world that I would normally buck.  Everyone comes from a different place, lives in different environment, is surrounded by different circumstances, and in those shoes they stand and make their decisions.  Who am I to tell them what to think.  What to say, what to believe...  it's worked so far! 
In any case, Stax Omega got an earfull last night.  I saw several people nod and grin as we passed in acknowledgement that we were actually accomplishing something at our table anyway!  Ha Ha! 
And the night  produced some good purchases at Barnes and Noble!  Looking for some insight to the other side,  I picked: Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry, and the Bush Haters by Bill Sammon, a Washington Times Senior White House Correspondent.  I started it last night and it is really a good read if anyone is interested.  I won't put it on the book club list, so don't sweat it people! 
That's the end of that.  Have a good Sunday.

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