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Monday, July 22, 2013

What's up in Summerland?

(a heart by my friend Marlee)
Hi all!  I'm back.  I know it's been awhile. Thank you all for hanging in there. A bad bipolar crash left me reeling and killed my stupendous writing skills, but I'm fighting my way back and ready to share some cool stuff with the class.

I have pretty much taken up residence on Isle of Palms this summer.  Life is a beach, after all, in case you haven't heard. I've been Instagramming up a storm.  Follow me at gapcreekgourmet.

One of my seriously wicked finds:  Haypenny gourmet Bourbon Praline S'mores kit from The Co-op on Sullivan's Island.  I scarfed every single one of these myself. And I licked the plate when I was done. Every time. (No, I did not share.)  The bag contains round homemade graham crackers, fluffy little handmade marshmallows, and both dark and milk chocolate squares. YUM! I'm getting another bag as soon as I get back to the islands.  Needless to say, Weight Watchers is on hold until school's back in.

Also I've been seriously hitting the wine selection at Piggly Wiggly.  There have been some really cool finds. I so wish we had The Pig in Greenville! If you have a Pig in your neck of the woods, keep an eye on the top shelf wine deals. I snagged this one for $11 off!

Another one of my summer addictions?  The Fosters on ABC Family.  I swear I haven't flipped over a show this much since...okay, so I'm always flipping over a new show, but I swear this one will be at the top of my list for a long time.  I love it more than Carrie Diaries, The Newsroom, True Blood.  More than Banshee. Strike Back?  That would be a tough decision. (Those gun toting guys are just so yummy to watch!)

Okay, since I'm on the topic of tv, I'm about to rock your world. Have you heard of the HeardonTV app for your phone?  My BFF told me about it at the beach and I'm hooked.  Say you are totally addicted to... The Carrie Diaries (duh!).  You download the app.  Click on the show and get to buy, listen to, or watch videos from the songs in your favorite episodes. It is totally the bomb.  And it's a free app.  Even better, right?  The website rocks too.

Speaking of shows, I just couldn't resist sharing this "What Your 90's Crush Says About You" from ThoughtCatalog.com. It was on the How Sweet It Is blog and had me in stitches.  Remember Party of Five?  (Swoon...)

July's Travelers Rest Cookbook Book Club meeting was amazing.  We are cooking out of the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. I made these Popcorn Cookies and they are going to be appearing regularly around my house.  You basically make chocolate chip cookie dough (without the chocolate chips) and add fresh popped, buttered and salted popcorn.  They are addictive. See the easy recipe here.

Here's my favorite song this summer:

And a random amazing pic of one of the sunflowers at the Community Garden by the library on Sullivan's Island.

And before I go...
If you have a friend who struggles with depression, please keep them in your prayers. And when they are down, send them a card, give them a call, shoot them regular emails.  It's very important that they know people are thinking of them and care about them.  Even a quick text goes a long way. Thank you to all the people who took a little time to show me they were out there. It meant more than you know. And that's all I'm going to say about that right now. Maybe more later...

Happy Monday!

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