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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Springy day, trader joe's loot and the DVR roll.

I totally sprang my child out of school early this afternoon. It was way too sunny in South Carolina to sit in a class room. I nabbed her and we went to the barn to enjoy the weather and some time with the horses.  I still haven't gotten on one yet, but enjoyed the sunshine and some blogging time while she rode around.

Prior to sealing my place for mother of the year today, I popped into Kitchen Arts and Pottery in downtown Greenville to interview the owner, Liz, for a story.  The place is chock full of odd and end kitchen supplies and high end ingredients - stuff you just can't find at the grocery store.  I scored some Italian lemon pasta to make for dinner.  Add a little butter, a little garlic... yum!

Oh, and I went to Trader Joe's.  I came away with a huge bag of goodies (and wine) including the new Crunchy Cookie Butter (which is the bomb), Sweet Potato Chips, Kona Coffee Shortbread Cookies (which are heaven in a cookie sprinkled with coffee) and PBandJ chocolate bar (made with their Raspberry jelly, which I LOVE).

Yep, it was a healthy trip.  I would like to point out that my family suffers so on the food front.  Too bad I'm not as good at cleaning house as I am scouting out goodies.

I have yet to catch up on DVR recordings enough to see Smash.  We are, however, caught up on The Following.  I love this show.  Totally hooked.  It's a nail biter each episode and it's Keven Bacon, people!   (Hmmmm.... bacon.  I should have grabbed some today while I was out.)

We are also digging Banshee (Antony Starr is a bad ass) and The Americans (Felicity is just SO serious these days and she kicks butt).

That's all I got.  Just checking in.  Stay tuned for another ChefQ6 coming your way!

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