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Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday chatter: Golden Globes, painting critters and a few new tunes

I've been cooking a bit lately.  I successfully made an Italian sausage deep dish pizza last week that got raves around the table.  The crust came from this site and was really quick and easy.  I much prefer a homemade crust to the store bought these days, but don't always have the time or inclination.  I've marked that one for a go-to recipe in the future. (I don't own a deep dish pan, so I used a cast iron skillet instead.)

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?  I was laid up on the bed like a queen munching on Godiva Truffles  I would have had champagne too, if had not been for the over-exuberant birthday celebration during the weekend. The dresses were awesome, as usual, accept for Kate Hudson and that lady from Desperate Housewives who was trying to pull of an Angelina - a total fail.  HBO's Girls racked up. I was squealing with excitement when Lena Dunham won, but could she have looked any less dignified waddling up to the stage on way-to-high heals?  Twice. That's the EXACT reason I don't wear heals. Because my mother says they make me walk like I have something wrong with my bum. She should have just kicked those puppies off under the table and run for the stage in pure joy.   That's what I would have done!

So I tried Caviar for the first time.  Maybe the last time. I'm not a fan.  I tried it twice, so I can at least say I gave it a fair shake. I just can't deal with the salty, briny little boogers. Blahk! I can deal with capers, but these things were a bit too much.

This weekend I went to Columbia to spend some time with one of my oldest friends in the universe.  We celebrate our birthdays together every year and she surprised me by taking me to one of those drink wine and paint places in Cola called Grapes and Gallery.  We painted our dogs, cute, eh?  I haven't picked up a paint brush in years, but it was stupendously fun.  When we got there, the guy had our dogs outlined on a piece of canvas like a coloring book page and he walked us through mixing colors and layering to get these little masterpieces.  We were sipping on coke instead of wine.  I have no idea what this would have turned out like with a bottle of wine in me!

Hey, Justin Timberlake has a new song out called Suit and Tie featuring Jay Z.  It's reminiscent of a good ole old school romantical R&B song. Think Marvin Gaye.

Speaking of music. Have you heard Blackberry Smoke?  If you love Zac Brown, you're gonna like these guys.  (They are actually on Zac Brown's label). Go take a listen.

Someone recommended a new blog to me, too.  It's called People I Want to Punch in the Throat.   It's written by a witty mom I'd totally be friends with. You should check it out.  It will give you a good chuckle.

I think that's it for now.  It's gonna be a busy eating out week so I'll have some new restaurants for ya shortly.

Happy Monday!


fupaladin95 said...

Greetings from a home sick ex pat living in Germany! Maybe I'm your first international reader? Anyway, would you be able to share the recipe for the Italian pizza? I am really enjoying your blog and reading about the best spot on Earth!

Nichole Livengood said...

fupaladin95: shoot me your email address to nichole at gapcreekgourmet.com and I'll send you the recipe, okay? Thank you for reading!