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Friday, May 04, 2012

It's Friday Y'all!

I should be working. I have an article due today, and we're heading out to dinner soon. Sigh.  Procrastination = time for a listy blog post.  Welcome to my brain.
  • The blog How Sweet It Is had this amazing recipe for Fresh Strawberry Coconut Margaritas today.  I'm so making these.
  • I had lunch with my good friends (and former TRAM supporters) Loretta and Harriet today at Green Valley Country Club. (I know, how swanky of me!) Those gals keep me in stitches.  The new owners are giving the clubhouse and grounds an overhaul.  Thanks be to God it's about time! 
  • I love Belleville Outfit and can't stand it that they broke up. 

Warm weather means Belleville in the afternoons and Margaritas when the hubs gets off of work.
  • I'm still reading the last book of the 50 Shades of Grey series. Honestly, they are fantastic books but I'm getting tired of reading about sex.  Yes, it is possible. I'm looking forward to switching gears and starting the new Sookie Stackhouse book this weekend! It's almost vampire season again! True Blood returns in June, I think.
  • Is anyone watching Veep?  Haven't started it yet, but it's on the Tivo mocking me.
  • Some Valley Girls (and a husband and dogs) gathered this week for an accidental cookout.  Salmon, dirty rice, Flat Tire beer (you know I'm not a beer fan, but surprisingly tolerable) and buttered rum (made with actual butter aka free lip gloss). 

  • The bugs ate me alive even with bug spray. I'll look like I have full body acne all summer.  Let the itching begin.
  • Farmers' Markets kick off this weekend in the Upstate!  YEA!!!! I can't wait to see what's going on at the Traveler Rest Community Farmers' Market on Saturday morning.  Some of my other favs are the Whole Foods Market on Tuesday afternoons in Greenville and the Flat Rock Market in Flat Rock, NC on Thursday afternoons 3-6pm. Shame on me but I haven't been to the downtown Gvlle market in years.  The prices are jacked up (admittedly so by the farmers) though there is a pretty awesome selection, cooking demos, etc, from what I hear.  Okay, I promise I'll make it out and report this year.
  • I hear Upcountry Provisions is opening soon in Travelers Rest.  Inspections went well and all is a go.  They've started a cool little garden, too. The owners are giving me some swag for a blog give away.  So stay tuned.
  • I need a good source for organic strawberries.  Anyone in Upstate, SC?  (Be careful folks!  Local does not equal organic.  Wash your fruits and veggies!!!
Okay.  That wasn't exciting, was it?  I'll do better next time. Off to help my child put together a toy before she spazzes out.

It's Friday y'all!

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