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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gatsby, a child headed to therapy, foodie finds and my sandbucket list

I saw the new Great Gatsby movie trailer last night. First of all, I can't believe that I am old enough for Leonardo Decaprio to be playing a "mature" adult.  What the hell?  And second, Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books EVER.  That movie was perfect. Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Sam Waterston? PERFECT!  I'm dubious of a remake. Would they remake Gone with the Wind?  I think not.  Sigh!  Well I have to wait until December to find out. I'm gonna reread (again) this summer.

Only a week or so til school is out. After Memorial Day, what's the point people?  I can already feel my toes in the sand and the island sun on my face. I can't wait to take my Hipstamatic for a snapping good time on the coast! On the last day of school, I have a tradition: embarrassing my daughter.  I drive up to school BLARING Will Smith's Summertime with a big grin on my face, windows down. BOOMING!  Then I make her listen to the High School Musical School's Out, Scream and Shout song (as I sing very, very loudly).  She yells at me from the back seat. Ah, the memories. 

Some of the other tunes I recently added to the summer playlist are: Zac Brown's Chicken Fried southern anthem (thought I'd share), Cruel Summer from the Blue Crush Soundtrack, and OneRepublic's Good Life.  There are few things better than singing your lungs out as you drive down the road with your hair whipping in your face.

I hope to be on the road a bit more this summer. Fingers crossed!  I interviewed for a very cool writing job this week in Columbia that will involve a little bit of travel and a lot of fun.  Hearing back something mid June-ish.  Here's hoping!

Do you have whiplash yet from my rapid change of topics?

Upcountry Provisions should be finally (softly) opening for lunch today in Travelers Rest.  I'm so excited!  A grand opening date is coming soon.  Don't forget to comment on the Snag that Swag #2 post so you'll be entered to win lunch on me and a few other bits of swag from the new cafe!

(she takes a quick coffee refill break) 

I wanted to cover a few more quick things that have been sitting on my desk to share with you.

A new little market and art shop is opening soon on Hwy 290 in Travelers Rest.  The Appalacian inspired market is called The Hungry Drover and will have farm to table foods in the cafe, market to table meals to go, a space for private events and music nights, etc.  It's located in a little building at the intersection of Tigerville Road and Locust Hill Road which in the early 1900's was a General Store. My friends John and Debbie Wilson are in on this endeavor so I am so proud for them and can't wait to give it a visit.  

Another little restaurant on Hwy 290 grabbed my attention a month or so ago.  Flour Haven Restaurant and Bakery is on my way to Target, so I pass it all the time.  An afternoon fit of crazy hunger finally drew me in, that and the sign that promised fresh donuts.  I grabbed a few to go.  They are like if Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts had babies.  They have a giant list of breakfast offerings including eggs, crepes, pancakes and french toast and have a selection of fresh breads and pastries for grab and go, too.  I hear their morning offerings are fabulous, though I haven't gotten there that early yet. 2345 Locust Hill Road, Greer.  Go check them out! 

(flipping through my stack)

On a particularly bonkers day in early Spring, I walked to my mailbox and discovered a package from my Aunt Kay in San Diego.  It was filled with Chocolate!  God bless that woman.  I swear I almost fell to my knees with thanks.  I'm telling you, it was THE BEST DAY IN THE WORLD to get a package full of chocolate.   My cousin was attending CalPoly, San Luis Obispo, where, wouldn't you know, they make chocolates on campus.  What the heck, right?  They actually offer a chocolate production course, the only one taught in an American university, as a part of their "learn by doing" philosophy.  During a visit to see him, she snagged me a handful of bars and dropped them in the mail so I could share with you folks.  I apologize it has taken me so long.  Folks, this ain't Hersey's.  It's dark and rich, made with organic, fair trade bittersweet chocolate.  Though I preferred the plain and the coffee varieties, there were also a few bars made with a variety of spices and chilies.  Not a fan of super spicy chocolate. Anyway, if you're heading Cali way, go check out the chocolate factory.  For more details or to order your own for a tasting go here

A friend of mine posted something on her Facebook page this week that was kindof fun.  Have you heard of a Sandbucket List?  It's not things you want to do before you die, but things you want to do before this summer ends!  Here's my list:

1) Read. Read. Read.  The stack groweth.
2) Standup Paddleboarding on the coast
3) Waterpark!
4) Grits and Groceries.  A very awesome restaurant. Look it up.
5) Take my daughter to the Columbia Zoo to draw the animals.
6) Lake with Griets.
7) Plane ticket to Cali.

Wow!  I really had to think on that one! What's on yours?

I am now a little bit closer to a clean desk!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!  

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