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Friday, January 06, 2012

I had brussel sprouts on my pizza.

Last night nine of us loudly filled a table at Flat Rock Wood Room in Flat Rock. I was on a mission to try their pizza after an amazing experience with their BBQ ribs during Small Plate Crawl Hendersonville, and I thought I'd drag a few friends (and children) along for the ride. (Don't worry. They were willing.)

We started out with crunchy fried Green Beans... not soggy green beans, but crisp, fresh green beans encased in a crispy, salty seasoned outer shell of tastiness with a side of creamy, spicy dippy sauce.

The men feasted on ribs, chicken, brisket and pulled pork and the women ordered pizzas.  How stereotypical was that? But they were REALLY GOOD PIZZAS!  Hand tossed, 12" wood fired pizzas in this magnificent tiled oven.  Thin crusted white pizzas with garlic, motz cheese, salty ham and buttery thin sliced brussel sprouts.  I had a pizza with tomato sauce, rich melty cheese, spicy italian sausage, savory onions and brussel sprouts.   Let me just say brussel sprouts again, because who would think they would be good on pizza?  But table wide thumbs up for this interesting turn in fare.

And CAKE FOR EVERYONE! Seriously.  I could not pass up the opportunity to try their Italian Rum Cake again and a couple of slices of Red Velvet Cake got passed around the table (moist, but not my fav).

Good selection of craft beer.  Good wine list. (Try the Kaiken Reserve Malbec.)  Amazing, friendly staff that didn't mind the fact that we were loud and our kids made a mess. This place is worth the trip across the border!

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