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Friday, September 02, 2011

I want Moe ice cream (and another sandwich).

After my daughter was born, my body was jacked up!  My immune system was shot, I had gained some weight and I just couldn't get my groove back.  I went to Creative Health and they fixed me. A mostly organic and pretty much vegetarian diet for six months did it.  People are scared of organic food, but honestly, for people who are not food savvy, organic tastes better.  It's more expensive, but often worth it!  Especially in it's natural form. It hasn't been injected or treated with anything.  It's not swollen with water or engineered to grow three times bigger than it's supposed to.

My adventures in food, as of late, have led me to more and more restaurants that are going organic.  I saw something about a new place making ice cream, so I had to go for a tasting.

Everyday Organic is celebrating their one year anniversary this month.  Last year Breighanna Newnham (Brei) and her husband opened the little farmhouse country chic restaurant at Cherrydale Shopping Center by the movie theater. The couple had gone organic and were disappointed that there weren't more organic restaurant options on the Furman University side of Greenville.  They remedied that situation by opening their own.

Open 11am-9pm Monday-Saturday ( closed from 2-5pm for "siesta").  The lunch menu includes daily soup specials, salads, sandwiches, wraps and paninis with a host of vegetarian and vegan options.  Dishes like made from scratch spagetti and meatballs, chicken and dumplings, black bean burritos, or "breakfast for dinner" are served up for evening fare.  Specials change weekly and are posted online.
(This is Brei.  She's working on a catering order. You can't see it but off to the right in the kitchen is quite the collection of old fashioned aprons.  Too cute.)
I ordered a pimento cheese on spelt bread (a little bit heavier than it's cousin, wheat bread), grabbed a self serve sweet tea in a mason jar, bobbed my head to "The Weight" playing over the speakers (Big Chill song from The Band) and settled into my Edible Upcountry mag.

See picture: mild shredded white cheddar cheese with celery, onion, pimentos and "secret sauce".  The sandwich was tangy and sweet and salty... oh, so good. It was one of those food moments where the world is all good.

Dessert.  Ah... the ice cream.  Brei and her friend and fellow Furman grad, Moe look at the ice cream as a culinary sketchpad.  They occasionally get together to try out creative, immensely tasty concoctions.  Thursday is churn day, so I practically tasted the honey lavender, fig & plum, banana butter pecan, and mint chocolate brownie (fresh mint flavor, not artificial!) as they were going into the freezer.
(this is Moe)
Some ice creams are too icy and some are so cream based that you have to scrape the roof of your mouth when you are done. Their testing efforts have resulted in a nice, balanced ice cream.They start with their own homemade custard as a base which gives it a nice smooth texture.  I fell in love with the honey lavender (came home with a pint)... made with local honey and lavender from Mountain Farm in Burnsville, NC.  They don't use artificial colors... no artificial flavors.

They change flavors every two weeks, so you are likely to get to taste Twist and Stout (made with homemade beer syrup and sour dough spelt pretzels) or Dark Chocolate Cardamom Pistacio, or Strawberry Balsamic if you are a regular. Mouth watering yet?  This folks, is amazing ice cream.  I'm told they make awesome milk shakes too, but that's for a return trip.

I used to drive all the way to the other side of Asheville, to fetch my favorite gourmet ice cream concoctions. No more.   When you stop in, tell them I said hi!

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Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies said...

I love this! The more I've blogged and learned about food, the more we walked away from foods containing high fructose corn syrup, etc. One way to guarantee HFCS hasn't made it into your food is to buy organic - there ain't nothin' organic about that stuff.

I wish we had more restaurants like that in our local area, but we're pretty spoiled with the great choices in NYC. There is one local restaurant, the Trap Rock Brewery that (yes, makes its own beer, but also-)has a whole chalkboard list of farms that the day's produce has come from. They know where all their meats come from too. It's so refreshing!