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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Edible Upcountry's 1st Anniversary

I gathered foodie gals, Josie and Kim, last night and we partied it up at Edible Upcountry's 1st Anniversary celebration at High Cotton. The quarterly mag covers the local, seasonal food culture of Upstate.  The who's who of Greenville's literary giants write for the magazine, so it was exciting for me to look around the room and see people like Scott Gould and Ashley Warlick (Edible Upcountry editor) working the crowd.

Proceeds from the event's raffle will help fund the continued training of Greenville County elementary school cafeteria staff on healthier cooking practices.  They are walking through local gardens to learn how to use herbs and fresh veggies, are being trained to use new tools in the kitchen and are learning to cook gourmet soups and healthy food options for our children, instead of reheating, frying or opening cans.

Last night's crowd listened to the tunes of The Ragged Orchids and noshed on assorted mini cupcakes from Cakehead Bakeshop, chicken wings and other creative nibbles.

I met magazine co-founders Catherine Mecklenburg and Samantha Wallace and Slow Food Upstate's Janette Wesley and her husband Renato Vicario who has written a book about making traditional Italian liqueurs. Artists Leslie Hart and Brian Kelley were in the house and Kim and I were stoked to meet some new friends, Creative Health Iridologists Alicia and Allison.   What a great night!

One of my recipes will be appearing in the mag's September E-Newsletter!

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Leslie Hart said...

Thanks for the mention Nichole and it was great to see you again. I'm glad we were able to reconnect and figure out the connection no doubt!