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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Next Step

I am antsy for the next step, now. Four months at home and I'm getting restless. I haven't been able to totally disconnect from work, nor do I think that I am supposed to have to do that, really.

My day is a pie of 6 slices and I try to eat a little from each slice each day so I don't hyperfocus on one thing to the expense of all others. It's working pretty well for now.
Physical Health: Remember to eat so I don't make up for it at 8pm. Exercise.
Creativity: Make something.
Mental Health: Write in journal.
Work: Figure out my next step.
Mom: Spend time with my baby. Be available to her and in the moment with her.
Wife: Take care of my husband and listen to him, be in the moment with him.

I found out that I have to work to be happy. It's part of who I am. I need the validation of the outside world. I need to make a difference to someone outside of my household. I need the connection and the interaction. But I can't let it become who I am...

I have some ideas that are brewing. We'll see what this way comes.

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