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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stardust (aka. Suicidal Butterflies)

We are stardust

particles in flight

connected reincarnate

of revolutions

of parental galactic glide,

they swirl in the motion of me

and outside myself,

are still swirling


Wing dust

flecks on my window

golden powder shaken loose in collision

They insist on the excitement, dart around

our cars.

We are the intrusion, in some light,

but since the butterflies

hatched and unfurled, cars are the norm

yet they still dance in the wind, top the windshield

and roll into the current left behind.

Am I the magic carpet ride?

The drug of choice for teenage butterflies?

For those two minutes when a butterfly might

actually be sixteen and throw caution, well,

to the wind and

find their end in yellow stardust.

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