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Monday, June 18, 2012

immaculate destination, dirty life and cash mobs

Immaculate Consumption
I'm about to tell you a rambling story about why I was so excited to eat at this little coffee roaster in Columbia, SC.  So I am a big folk/outsider art fan.  I ran an outsider art fest in Travelers Rest for three years and actually curated a folk art exhibit at Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville once.  I really, really dig it.  So, one of the people I really admire is Scott Blackwell, who started Immaculate Baking Company.  You might have seen Immaculate cookies, biscuits, etc at Whole Foods.  Anyway, Scott is a huge supporter of folk artists and has an immense private collection, some of which, I personally have fondled and drooled over.  So.  He got his start at Immaculate Consumption. He started baking some there and decided to leave the coffee company.  Ta-da.  That's my story. (I know, I'm a nerd and sort of a stalker.) So that's why I wanted to go there. So when I was in town and saw it was across the street from the headquarters of SCPRT (aka new job) I ran over and got a bite. 

I had a Turkey Sandwich with horseradish mayo. Pretty yum, but the place reminded me so much of the coffee shop  where I started my arts organization years back.  I hated to have to jump up and leave so quickly. If you're around Cola  (apparently what the cool people call Columbia, SC), go in for lunch.  They have a pretty expansive sandwich menu and serve breakfast too.  That's my story.

In the know...

I am totally, and infinitely stoked about this new website I found this weekend in my dose of Oprah wisdom (aka Oprah mag).  So this gal Val has a website called valslist.com.  She's in her mid-50's, but the woman has her finger on the music pulse fo sho. She is like a minivan disc jockey.  Her site is full of playlists, new tune suggestions, covers, classic hits and world music you've never thought to search for.  There are concerts and videos... it's a blog meets iTunes.  There's music to get yo mamma off the couch or to chill with on a Sunday afternoon.  

Did your parents (or you) love Janis Joplin, the Eagles, The Beach Boys?  With her Sounds Like... feature you can search an artist you love and she'll suggest a contemporary artist she's found whose musical stylings you might like as well.  Awesome, right?  Go check that out and share with your friends cause it's good stuff. Won't be the last you hear from Val.  She's got an App coming down the pike too. 

The Dirty Life
My friend Andie talked me into reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.  It's a true story of how she gave up life in NYC, married a farmer and learned to enjoy getting down and dirty on the farm.  I was pleasantly surprised that it's a good read, but shouldn't be so shocked since she started her professional life as a writer.  That's how she met her husband - she was interviewing him for an article.  He saw her and immediately knew she was going to be his wife.  It took her a little longer to get there but she followed this farming boy on one hell of a life changing adventure. Definitely a recommended read.  Let me know how ya like it.  I'm almost finished and raring to read the next Dorothea Benton Frank novel that just came out last week.

Cash Mob!
You've heard of flash mobs by now I hope... random people standing around suddenly break out into an organized dance routine.  I'm a fan.  So now, there are cash mobs and they are a huge boost to small businesses across the country.  A local group organizes people, usually via social media, to show up at a predetermined time at a local business to spend some cash on their products or services and show the business some financial love.  RelyLocal in Greenville are getting the ball rolling here!  

The next Greenville, SC  Cash Mob is this Wednesday at Miracle Hill Thrift Store in Taylors.  Go show them some love and hit up Pinterest for some repurposing ideas!   

I'm out folks. Happy Monday!  

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