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Monday, April 23, 2012

A quickie post with no pics.

A couple of things:
1. My Girl Scout cookies finally arrived!  Yea!  I ordered like six boxes, but had to wait to pick them up when I saw my Girl Scout leader friend again.  You know how hard it is to go without during Girl Scout cookie season? I just finished all of the lemon shortbread.  Sigh.  I never order the right amount of the right kind.   What's your fav?

2. HBO's Girls is fantastic.  The writing is off the chain, but whoa.  Not for the prudish. So if you go check it out based on my recommendation, be warned.

3. Kathy Griffin's new talk show on BRAVO!  Anyone watching? She is possibly the crudest human ever.  EVER. She cracks me the hell up. She cusses her way through an array of pop culture hot topics, shamelessly makes fun of celebrities, television shows, etc and worships gay men more than well... gay men. She's like a loud friend you would NEVER invite to a party because she would totally embarrass the crap out of you, but you would totally invite her over for drinks when you need an exhausting good laugh.

4. Rosie O'Donnell is going to be on the Today Show tomorrow morning.  I'm dying to know if she is going to go back to SiriusXM for a live radio show.  Must TIVO.

5. What the hell is up with this weather?!  My husband called and had me make a note reminding us to cover our raised flower beds tonight so the freeze won't kill our new little plants!  So ready for 80 degree weather again.  My knuckles are actually aching from the cold.  Sigh.  I'm old.

6. I ate myself silly this weekend so I have posts coming about Judy's at the Market Restaurant and Bakery at the Columbia Farmer's market and one about Stella's Southern Bistro so stay tuned!

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