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Monday, April 16, 2012

New obsessions.

I’m about to violate some copyrights and this post itself is PG-13 and I’m recommending items/products that are not appropriate for anyone younger than say…17.  There.  You are warned.   

I am newly obsessed with this:

 and this:

I’m having problems logging on to the cookbook book club site, so I thought I’d take a moment and share.  I have been waiting impatiently on the HBO series Girls to hit the air for weeks now…thanks to a sufficient buildup from my pop culture bible, Entertainment Weekly (aka “my newspaper”).   I watched it today and let me say: wow.  It is delicious!  Arty/nerdy twenty-somethings making it (well, sort of) in the big NYC. It’s not painted on, touched up perfection, it’s real and funny and real life awkward.   A new show to obsess over.  Yea me.

And the books.  Oh my... not for the prudish by any means. They are sexy and hot.  I am recommending them to all of my girlfriends… and their husbands.  Listen, this is not out of left field.  Not “oh, my goodness! I can’t believe she’s talking about that on her blog!”. They featured these books on the Today Show for pete’s sake! And apparently they are transforming women’s sex lives and marriages across the country so deal. 

Here’s the coolest part: the books mention songs throughout and last night I discovered that not only are all three books available for Kindle, the book’s official website has soundtrack playlists for each book! I downloaded the songs from iTunes and listened while I read.  Holy cow! This is freaking brilliant!  What if more novels did this?!  Playlists for reading.   Brilliant.  Totally heightened the already lofty reading experience.  The wine probably helped a little too. 

Read.  Have your friends read. You’re welcome.

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