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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dismantling Christmas.


People are taking down their lights and wreathes... dismantling Christmas. The radio stations have abandoned holiday cheer. It's depressing.

There's such build up until Christmas Day.  I hate to let it go. Santa was good to us this year and we really had a good holiday. So, I'm ignoring my Baptist upbringing and sticking to the fact that there are indeed 12 days of Christmas, and leaving the bulk of my decor up until after the New Year. My cats think the tree stand is there new watering bowl... I wouldn't want them to get dehydrated. And there are a few presents yet to be distributed. I may also leave the Christmas tunes spinning in my car til mid month.

One year after we first got married, I took all the ornaments off our tree and replaced them with silver and gold ribbons, tied on champagne glasses and little bottles of champagne for our New Years Party.  Guests plucked glasses and bubbly off the tree to take home as favors.

I've been escaping the post-Christmas blaaah's through the big screen. I've seen We Bought a Zoo at the theater over a big bag of popcorn with my smuggled in Parmesan Garlic topping (love gourmet toppings!!!!) and a bag of chocolate covered dried fruit from my stocking (thank you husband... and thank you mother-in-law for the movie).  It's was a great movie experience that had us crying, laughing and walking out smiling.  I've also seen Larry Crowe... a light, feel good movie (who doesn't enjoy seeing Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts lock lips?) and yesterday I watched Annie Hall for the first time.  It was very When Harry Met Sally-esk.  Diane Keaton is so goofy and awkward. I love her! I'm debating on which flick I'll watch this afternoon... (The Truth About Cats and Dogs is rolling as I'm writing).

Last night our buddies, the G Pattons, came over (sans baby for some adult chill time). I found myself back at the stove which did A LOT for my brain health.  Well, that and the glass of Merlot I was nursing.

I used the Applewood Smoked Salt I bought from Whole Foods months ago (finally!) on some grilled pork chops.... braised some brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar reduction and topped them with roasted pecans. I also made a side of oven roasted sweet potatoes brushed with chicken stock, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple dinner, but I swear I could have lived in those brussel sprouts. They were so good. I can't wait to use that salt again.  I swore I would go vegetarian when the calendar struck 1, but with a salt like that in the cabinet I see big juicy steaks in my future.

I hear baby feet coming down the hall... it's the best part of my morning! Sleepy-face cuddles.

I will return later today... or tomorrow for show and tell: a few Christmas goodies I must share with the masses.  Happy morning to all! La-di-da, la-di-da, la la.

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