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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gluten Free? Welcome back to the world of baked goods.

If someone told me I could never eat flour again I'd cry.  For a long time. And then I'd call Rise Myers at Screamin' Good Bakery.

She's come up with some dang good recipes that allow the gluten free population to actually enjoy baked goods again. (Yea!) She makes her products with millet, almond, tapioca, brown rice, sesame, soy and corn flours. She makes her own brown sugar for goodness sake!  I went by her in-home bakery last week in Travelers Rest (my hometown) and talked shop.

Her little bakery is stacked with buckets of assorted flours, baking pans and tools...Kitchenaid... Vitamix...  I drooled a little when I walked in.  She began pulling products from the freezer and I couldn't believe her selection: poppy seed rolls, buttermilk biscuits, cupcakes, cornbread, walnut fudge, brownies, cheddar corn muffins, and ginger lemon and choco vanilla screamers (think moonpies).  She graciously sent me home with samples and I dug in with my family as soon as my husband stepped in from work.

Our favorites were the coconut cupcake and double chocolate coconut brownie. Not so stoked about the chocolate cupcake, but the coconut cupcake was way better than some regular cupcakes I have sampled of late. Moist, coconuty and rich. We had the cornbread with our salads for dinner and it was super moist and delicious with whole kernels of corn and rich cheese on top. So good.  I ate a biscuits for breakfast the next morning with cherry preserves.  It reminded me of eating MaMa Plumblee's biscuits when I was a kid.  I have to say if I were banned from flour, I'd be on her doorstep. (Crying.) The gluten free items in the grocery store just don't compare. Her heart is in her food and if you can't have the real thing, it's definitely a surprisingly better than expected substitute.  The gluten free masses can now rejoice.


Gil Gerretsen said...

Her creations are incredible. Most gluten-free products taste like cardboard ... but not hers. The fudge poppers are especially awesome (even for people who have no problem with gluten).

Anonymous said...

From: Estelle
Her products are incredible! To state it simply, they all taste like the real deal!
But her cupcakes are BETTER than the gluten ones. Ditto for her brownies, cookies & fudge...these are my 4 favorites.
My son has Celiac disease; his favorite food was pizza; the store variety was awful....now thanks to Screamin' Good he can enjoy pizza again.
Additionally, I just tried her Mushroom Mate & made fried chicken filets...outstanding!
Thanks, Rise!