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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hazards of the great outdoors

The workers were fixing cracked grout in my bathrooms this morning (and making a lot of noise), so I retreated to the porch with my dogs to work.  The wild turkeys were grazing in the field behind our house, the birds were chirping...someone was on a tractor down the street somewhere...I could hear the faint roar.  Big white clouds were floating in the blue sky. A beautiful morning.  Then I noticed my basil was a little droopy so I decided to water it, AND GOT STUNG BY A CUTE LITTLE SADDLEBACK CATERPILLAR!  OUCH!  The little spiny things come off in your skin when you brush against it  (apparently), and it feels like a sweat bee sting.  It got me in five places.  BA!

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