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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Green Room, last minute shopping, and a leaky hat

Today I met my buddy Taryn at The Green Room in downtown Greenville for lunch.  I hadn't been there before so Taryn insisted that we start by ordering the Caprese Bruschetta, fresh baked sun dried tomato and herb bread toasted and topped with fresh mozzarella and olives tapenade.  I'm not a "starter" kind of girl on the lunch hour, but I quickly understood why she insisted.

The lunch menu is sandwich, soup, salad, etc.  I settled on the French Dip. I've been out with people who have ordered this sandwich, but haven't actually ordered one myself.  I was feeling adventurous.  For my side I ordered their Truffle Fries, which, as I came to find out, they are known for. CNN Travel +  Leisure voted them some of the best fries in the nation, actually.

When my plate arrived, my mouth fell open.  Taryn laughed at me and said she should have warned me about the serving size.  Before me sat a huge sandwich of tender thin sliced beef  with melted Provolone cheese and caramelized onions on fresh baked bread with side of house-made au jus.  I managed to eat half and packed the rest up for a soon-to-be very happy husband.

If you're in the Greenville area, you must go try their fries.  They are thin cut and extra crispy, topped with salt, parm cheese and parsley. I've had other truffle fries in town that we very tasty, but these were seriously some perfectly cooked fries.  I'm thinking a bottle of Cab and a plate of fries is an order for a girls night soon.

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When we said our goodbyes, I made a b-line for The Green Eyed Girls Boutique across the street and around the corner.  It has gotten quite a lot of press lately and I pass it coming into town all the time but never find myself close enough to walk around the corner to W. North Street.  It's a neat little place with jewelry, home decor, scarves, etc.

Then I went into Southern Fried Cotton to scope the place out.  If you're looking for last minute gifts, you have to go in here.  There's a t'shirt for everyone on your list and I found these neat man candles in scents like new glove and gunpowder.

Oh! And here's a shout out for Poppington's Popcorn, where I visited earlier in the week, also on Main Street.  The place has any flavor of popcorn you can imagine. It's like the popcorn place at the mall when I was a kid!  The best part was they give samples willingly.  I tried Bloody Mary, Dill Pickle, Salt and Pepper, Beer, Cheddar with Bacon... you're seeing a pattern.  I was there in search of a bag to accompany the annual tradition of watching Lethal Weapon, one of my husband's favorite Christmas movies. (Just a note: it was really hard for me to watch this year in light of the horrible shooting. What's up with people?!!!!)

Something cool popped up in my blog surfing today. The Amateur Gourmet wrote about this place called The Meadow in NYC.  It's a place that has an entire wall of different kinds of salts.  Rockin' cool.  Here's a link to the place.  You can buy salts online too and one of the owners, Mark Bitterman, wrote an entire book on salt called Salted, A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral.  That one's going on the Pinterest wishlist board folks.

And lastly... last night we watched a little Prep and Landing clip at the end of Charlie Brown Christmas. It tickled our funny bone and had us repeating lines all day long. Any time I worry from this day forward, I will say, "I think my hat is leaking!!!" It's short. Watch it. Enjoy.

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