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Sunday, August 19, 2012

mission big nasty, robot candy...crabs

Hey yall!  Well, I'm back from the last Isle of Palms beach jaunt of the summer (booo!), but have tons of stuff to share with you.  After getting over the last of my ikks a couple of days into the trip, I was crazy excited to get out and see what I could get into.

The Big Nasty

The hubs has been ambling to go to Hominy Grill in downtown Chucktown to try out The Big Nasty -a piece of fried boneless chicken breast on a biscuit covered in gravy with some cheese. They had him at gravy. So he finally got his Big Nasty and it was amazing. (That just sounds wrong.)

We ordered an insane amount of food. This is normal for us when we hit one of the restaurants on our wish list.  Hominy seriously knocked our socks off.  Seriously.  It's like a meat and three on crack.  The food is like your grandma went to culinary school.  The mac and cheese was the best I've ever put in my face and the tomato pudding gets props as the best new food I never knew existed.

It's tomatoes, sugar, and cornbread all mooshed up and cooked.  Holy S.  It was magnificent. I immediately decided to box up half my food so I could one, enjoy it for lunch the next day and two, order dessert without dying right there at the table.

We ordered Hummingbird Cake and Chocolate Chess Pie and Creamcicle Ice cream. Again: yum.  I had been craving cake all week. Heaven.

I was on a mission to find some Mr. Weed's cold press coffee while I was in the city. I saw it in June's Charleston Mag and put it on my list.  It took me a while, but I located some in Queen Street Grocery.  $5.  I thought, this better be some dang good coffee. Nope.  I'll stick to my Starbucks in a jar thank you very much.  Sorry dude.  I wanted to give you rave reviews, but spent more than $5 in gas hunting your product down and once I found it, it didn't knock my socks off.  I had such high hopes...

(I did discover a really cool little grocery store on Sullivan's Island while hunting down the coffee.  The Co-op on Sullivan's Island made sandwiches to order, carried lots of local products and fresh produce and had a nice selection of wine and ice cream.  Score.  And the owner was super nice and was just as excited about Mr. Weed's Cold Press Coffee as I was when I told her about it. She got on the computer immediately for some research and pointed me in the direction of Queens St.)

While we were in downtown Charleston, we hit Caviar and Bananas.  It's a HIGH end grocery/deli right in the heart of College of Charleston land.  They carry Sweeteeth Chocolate. Props! But seriously folks, should groceries cost that much?  I was in awe at the bulk salt selection and the yummy deli salads, but we were still full from Hominy,  thus just swung through for some site seeing.

And then I spotted Robot Candy Company.  My  husband was like a kid in a candy store. (hehehe)  There was an ENTIRE wall of gummy candy... his absolute favorite candy in the world.  He loaded up a bag of gummy sharks and gummy coke bottles and peach rings. And I made a mental note of a few very cool things to purchase for stocking stuffers. This place ROCKED and made me happy in general.  I can't wait to go back.

Since I was sick FOREVER am so far behind at my day job it isn't even funny.  While we were at the beach I decided to check out crabbing so I could write about it.  We did.  It was fun!  We caught three, took their picture and put them back because quite frankly I didn't want to cook the little boogers... well because you throw them in while they're alive AND they remind me of spiders and I seriously don't want that in my kitchen.

The hubs now has a cold. (I'm popping vitamin C like it's candy.) So I'm off to the store to grab a chicken to make this soup (or a variation of it). I'm already gearing up to post tomorrow so, well, stay posted. Have a good Sunday!

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April said...

This makes me want to load up and spend a weekend in Charleston so badly! Isn't the Robot Candy on King St? Feel like I've seen it before.

So glad you're feeling better too!